Weardale Lithium Proposes New Lithium Extraction Plant in County Durham

Weardale Lithium Proposes New Lithium Extraction Plant in County Durham

Weardale Lithium has submitted a planning application to Durham County Council for constructing a lithium extraction plant at Eastgate, Weardale, UK. This facility is planned for phased construction on a reclaimed site previously occupied by a cement works. It will utilize existing geothermal wells to extract lithium from underground water sources.

The proposal builds on Weardale Lithium’s prior success in extracting lithium carbonate from geothermal brine using environmentally conscious technologies developed by Manchester’s Watercycle Technologies. This new plant aims to produce lithium carbonate by processing geothermal groundwater through advanced direct lithium extraction methods that emphasize minimal environmental impact.

The chosen site at Eastgate, dormant for over two decades since the cement works shut down, was selected to prevent unnecessary use of undeveloped land and to capitalize on existing infrastructure. The project is expected to generate significant economic value, with projections of creating 125 jobs and producing about 10,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate annually within four years.

A comprehensive local consultation has been conducted, receiving substantial community support for the project, which promises to contribute to regional economic development and support the broader energy transition. The initial stage of the project will involve field trials to refine the extraction technology, with further assessments planned to ensure environmental compliance. icon

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