Windar Renovables Prepares to Staff New Spanish Plant with Skilled Technicians

Windar Renovables Prepares to Staff New Spanish Plant with Skilled Technicians

Windar Renovables is set to create a range of employment opportunities in Avilés, Spain, as it prepares for the launch of its new facility on the site of the former Alcoa plant. The project calls for a diverse team of professionals, emphasizing the need for skilled technicians in various domains of renewable energy manufacturing.

Employment Scope: From Veterans to New Graduates

The company’s recruitment strategy outlines a workforce that balances seasoned professionals and recent graduates, targeting individuals skilled in everything from basic metalwork to advanced technological applications in renewable energy sectors. The plan is to fill approximately 500 positions within the plant, a significant portion of which will be technical roles, essential to the facility’s multifaceted operations.

Local Economy: Anticipated Ripple Effect

In addition to direct employment, Windar anticipates its operation will stimulate job creation in auxiliary fields. Roles in logistics, maintenance, and other support services are expected to see a boost, potentially creating over 200 additional jobs in the region. This strategy appears to be a part of Windar’s broader commitment to support the local economy in Avilés, where its parent company, the Daniel Alonso Group, was initially established.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Concurrent with its economic goals, Windar underscores a strong commitment to sustainability through its research and development center, Windar Technology & Innovation (WTECH). The center is dedicated to pioneering more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. One such initiative includes the innovative recycling of industrial by-products, highlighting the company’s approach to environmental responsibility.

Through these actions, Windar Renovables is positioning itself as a significant contributor to industrial and economic activity in Avilés, Spain, with a keen emphasis on sustainable development and local economic engagement.

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