Zinnwald Lithium Sets Stage for Lithium Extraction Leadership in Germany with Metso

Zinnwald Lithium Sets Stage for Lithium Extraction Leadership in Germany with Metso

Pioneering in the German Market

October 17, 2023, marked a pivotal step for the Zinnwald Lithium Project near Dresden, Germany, as Zinnwald Lithium and Metso disclosed advancements in their collaborative testwork program. This initiative underscores a strategic move in Germany’s burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) sector, positioning the project as potentially the vanguard of lithium extraction and processing in the country.

Strategic Importance for EV Sector

Anton du Plessis, the CEO of Zinnwald Lithium, emphasized the project’s role in enhancing the resilience and sustainability of the EV battery supply chain in Europe, noting the region’s plans to establish over 30 new gigafactories by 2030. The joint venture seeks to align with top environmental standards.

Technical Developments

Since early 2022, Metso has contributed to Zinnwald Lithium’s Definitive Feasibility Study, focusing on the beneficiation process—a method of upgrading the quality of minerals extracted. The teams have formulated a process flowsheet following comprehensive mineralogical analyses and rigorous testing phases.

The technical approach considers varying lithium ore compositions, offering potential for a broader resource foundation. With the pilot phase nearing completion, further refinements in calcination and hydrometallurgical processing stages are upcoming.

Consolidated Expertise for Streamlined Execution

The collaboration strategy is set to simplify operational execution, drawing on combined expertise for an end-to-end solution, from mining operations to delivering battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

Mikko Rantaharju, from Metso, highlighted their commitment to supporting Zinnwald Lithium, reflecting on the initiative’s scale and their contribution through providing cutting-edge, sustainable technology solutions essential for critical minerals in the EV supply chain.

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